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Hjörtur Leví is a skilled Photographer who is passionate about capturing precious moments. He began practicing aerial photography in 2016 and was soon obsessed with the fundamentals that make up a great photograph with a drone, such as light, shadows, composition and of course, the amazing Icelandic landscape. About two years later Hjörtur Leví also started taking photos from the ground, which instantly led to a fast growing collection of photos with a whole new perspective. In 2019 Hjörtur Leví started studying photography at "New York Institute Of Photography" to further develop his technique and grow as a Photographer.   
Lucky to live in the south of Iceland, owning a big 4x4 truck, Hjörtur Leví has the opportunity to visit many of the most amazing places that Iceland has to offer, so to speak in his backyard. As your Photographer, Hjörtur Leví will capture the great moments for you to keep forever. For Hjörtur Leví landscape photography is the best meditation he can find. Want to know more? Send a message.

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